During the Christmas season there was a real spike in book sales, and I’m starting
to get a lot of feedback from folks who found one in their Christmas stocking. I’m
getting direct messages here on LinkedIn, Facebook, and emails sent to me from
my website.
The messages have touched my heart. Folks are telling me that “Ponder on It,
Pilgrims” is transforming their lives. It is so encouraging to me. I feel like I’ve done
something that is truly making a difference.
If you got a book for Christmas, or shucks, got one anytime, received it as a gift, or
bought it yourself I would like to ask you for a favor. Tell others about it. Help
spread the word. You can also write a post about it here on LinkedIn, or other
social media sites. You could also write a review on Amazon. My hope when I
wrote the book was to start a grassroots wildfire that would revive the concepts of
wisdom and common sense. You can help, if you will.
It was you folks that encouraged me to write it, so I’m calling on you to help spread
the message. If you’re reading this, and are not familiar with the book, let me say it
is a 3 x # 1 International Bestseller that has now sold in 12 different countries. This
has been the most humbling experience of my life, and I am forever grateful to you
pilgrims for your kindness, and encouragement.
To learn more you can go to the links below.
Ponder on it, pilgrims.
I love y’all.