Is This The Face of Evil?

The folks on TV were focused on what all was wrong with our country, and I was a big part of it. Originally published on LinkedIn — August 15, 2018 I remember getting off the plane. I don’t really know what I was thinking or expecting. I had been out of the country for 13 […]

What the Heck is the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics?

The 2nd law of thermodynamics demands that all things in existence begin in a state of it’s highest order Originally Published on LinkedIn — May 26, 2021 I want everybody that loves their mother to listen up. I’ve been in consultation with the Round Mountain Critter Research Team [RMCRT] more than usual of late. We’ve […]

Grandpa’s Gift

Memories are a treasure trove of wisdom to the wise Originally Published on LinkedIn — June 29, 2021 I awakened to the crow of a rooster. In that first moment of consciousness I wasn’t sure where I was. I think all of us have had that feeling when you don’t wake up in your own […]


Talking Like Long Lost Friends I MADE A MEMORY YESTERDAY Yesterday was one of those special days that made a memory. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Shane Flannigan, AKA Santa Claus, and the lovely Mrs, Claus. He is a kind, gentle, loving man with a heart as big as Texas, and she is […]

The Most Humbling Experience of My Life

Thank you for your kindness and encouragement During the Christmas season there was a real spike in book sales, and I’m starting to get a lot of feedback from folks who found one in their Christmas stocking. I’m getting direct messages here on LinkedIn, Facebook, and emails sent to me from my website. The messages […]

What If Your Kids Read This?

Lessons More Valuable Than Gold This young man, River, is a 12 year old Tennessean. As he read my book, Ponder on It, Pilgrims, it seemed to be taking him forever to read it. When asked why it was taking him so long he replied, “I keep stopping and going back to read things again.” […]

You’re A Who & What

Our modern age distracts us from this truth Listen up you magnificent sons and daughters of mothers. I got a little sumtin I want y’all to ponder on. Each of you are both a WHO and a WHAT. Understanding this is being lost to us by the endless distractions of our modern age. We find […]