Our modern age distracts us from this truth

Listen up you magnificent sons and daughters of mothers. I got a little sumtin I want y’all to ponder on. Each of you are both a WHO and a WHAT. Understanding this is being lost to us by the endless distractions of our modern age. We find little time to ponder of stuff like this anymore, and that’s a dang shame.

We not only don’t know who we are, but we seem to be losing sight of what we are. There is a universal concept, that spans the ages of time, that is common to mankind in all believe systems, as varied as they may be, and not understanding this it is robbing us of our humanity.

That truth is that life is a spirit, and that what we really are is spirit. For a time we reside in a physical body, but our body is not really us. Our spirit is what animates our body only for a time, and then it leaves, and the body decays. We call the passing of our spirit from the body death. Life is spirit. People through the ages have believed that life continues on after death. It doesn’t die. It just separates from the body and enters a different dimension.

There is something deep within all of us that believes this is true. Only secular humanists categorically want to deny this, but all their efforts to persuade us rings of folks really trying to convince themselves. Atheism/secular humanism seems to turn folks, ironically, into, intolerant evangelists with religious fervor. Great value is placed on the health and the attractiveness of our body, but not so much on our spirit. I have no problem with taking care of our bodies. We should.

But we should also cultivate a healthy, attractive spirit by placing value on virtue, love, peace, wisdom, humility, restraint, tolerance, charity, gratitude, temperance, and kindness. Doing so elevates our lives to our best, higher nature, make us happy, content, and a beacon to others.

Note: This is not a sermon, but simply an observation that deep down humankind has instinctively believed this to be true.

Ponder on it, pilgrims.

I love y’all.

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