The Bond of Blood

My heart seemed overwhelmed with what I can only describe as absolute and total love for this old man who now stood before me. Originally published on LinkedIn — October 17, 2019 He had not yet arrived, but I knew he was coming. Memories from long ago swirled through my mind; memories from a simpler […]

If That Ole Sycamore Could Talk

Time marches on. Originally published on LinkedIn — October 18, 2020 The two fishermen anchored their boat not far off the shore from where I stand. I had been seeing them here every week for a number of years. One was an older man, and the other younger, well, middle aged. I knew they were […]

My Search For John and Alex

They are scattered about the countryside, and many are lost to the memories of people who now live in those areas – even direct descendants. Originally published on LinkedIn — September 10, 2020 The two young men grew up, and came of age in remote, deep rural areas in Nicholas County, Kentucky. Their homesteads were […]

Why Crows Hate Owls

“I have asked them all, and no one seems to have the slightest idea.” Originally published on LinkedIn — October 25, 2020 Most of the crows were still perched in the trees on the southern end of Round Mountain, where they had roosted the night before. Dawn was breaking, the sun would soon rise, and […]

Old Fashioned Fathers

Growing up, Daddy was not my friend. He was my father. Originally published on LinkedIn — February 16, 2018 I remember how nervous I felt. I was fixing to do something I had never done: I was about defy my father. Daddy had rules when I was growing up, and I was about to break […]

Dang, Is That Antarctica?

How did Antarctica end up at the south pole? Originally published on LinkedIn — April 17, 2021 Well, I just read the final report from the critter research team about the earth’s shifting poles. Following protocol, Spuds submitted the report to Thelma first, for her review, and then she passed it on to me. I […]

Somebody Stop This Thang!

We sit on this tiny spacecraft we call Earth, and are taking quite a ride. Originally published on LinkedIn — March 22, 2021 Mom was cooking supper when daddy got home. She had heard him pull up in the driveway. He came in the back door, took off his boots, and walked into the kitchen. […]

I’m Not A Reader

Since I was a child I have been fascinated with that nebulous period of time known as prehistory, the time before written records. Originally published on LinkedIn — March 5, 2021 All right, I want you to listen up, you amazing sons and daughters of mothers. I want you to read this. Every dang word. […]

“Did You Thank Him For Your Work?”

How things have changed Originally published on LinkedIn — July 30, 2017 When I was ten years old, and the summer break began, I was determined to get a job and make some money. I knew of a fruit farm about two miles from where I lived, so I walked cross country through fields and […]

Is This The Face of Evil?

The folks on TV were focused on what all was wrong with our country, and I was a big part of it. Originally published on LinkedIn — August 15, 2018 I remember getting off the plane. I don’t really know what I was thinking or expecting. I had been out of the country for 13 […]